Do you find yourself thinking:
“ I need to sell!
I wish someone would Buy My Home … fast

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 Many home owners are suffering and unable to meet their
mortgage commitments.

 You may be in a position where you just have to sell your house fast.

 Perhaps there is a divorce and the house has to be sold – quickly …

 Perhaps the right move is to relocate for work.

 You may have already purchased elsewhere, but your current home
just isn’t selling.

For some making the regular mortgage commitment is a source of continued stress.
The banks are on their backs and ready to take their homes away, and send them bankrupt at the same time – who wants that?

Far too often we talk with people who have been in financial stress, and have had their houses for sale for many months – the mortgage payments are falling behind, and they are falling deeper and deeper into debt.

They just need to find a way out!

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If you are a home owner needing to sell your house and solve your
financial stress, we might be able to help you out by helping you out
of your mortgage.

If you are looking for someone to buy your house quickly, we may be able to find the right buyer for you.

MaxwellBaret Real Estate Solutions is backed by a group of investors with decades of individual experience in all areas of real estate property investment. Together, we can help you solve your realestate challenges.

Real Estate agents will often lock you in to a three-month contract, and when they fail to achieve anything for you, they try to lock you in for another three months - and each time, they will charge you fees, even if they don’t make a sale.  We are not like that.

We will have a good look at your situation, do our own market appraisal of your property (comparing it with other similar properties in the area), and come back to you with a plan of action.

If you are a home owner needing to sell your house and solve your financial stress, we can
help you out by helping you out of your mortgage.

For more information, contact us and see how we can help you out …



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